$10 Bettors are up $9,920 since September


TOP DOG # 8 OF 10

Game Has Not Started
+288.5 Dimes

Here is what I told the world about Oakland last night:

Don't sleep on the Grizzlies at home tonight.

After navigating a minefield of ranked teams on the road, this Oakland team is shining in league play.

From December 6th thru December 27th, this Grizzlies played at Morehead State, Michigan ST, Arizona, Pitt, Clemson and Maryland.

Although they went 1-5 SU with the only win at Morehead State 70-68 in OT as a 6 1/2 point dog, they were competitive in 3 of the last 5.

They were blown out at Michigan State and Arizona before 3 straight covers against Pitt, Clemson and Maryland.

At Pitt catching 14 1/2 they lost in OT 81-77, at Clemson they lost 70-60 catching 10 1/2 and at Maryland they lost 72-56 catching +16 1/2.

It's that stretch that has built this team and you may see a record of 8-12 but trust me, they are much better than that.

Just ask the two best teams in the league in Valparaiso and Wisconsin Green Bay, who rolled into Oakland and both lost outright.

As a 5-point dog to Valpo, they Grizzlies won 89-75 in OT and against Green Bay, they won outright 69-66 as a 7-point home dog.

All told, this Oakland team has won 6 straight at home since their loss to Georgia State back on November 26th covering 6 in a row at home as well.

These two met back on January 8th in Cleveland State with the Grizzlies getting the money losing 65-61 as an 8-point dog.

Look for the small home dog to stay hot at home and deliver the knock out blow to the 3rd best team in the Horizon, just like they did to Valpo and Green Bay.

This little doggy barks loudly tonight.


150 DIME

Patriots (-6 1/2) 45-7 over Colts

A $10 bettor has won $8,400 dollars


Here is what I told the world about the Patriots last Sunday:

They will destroy them for a 4th straight time today.

In a 3-year span the Patriots have faced the Colts and Andrew Luck 3 times and they have absolutely destroyed them all 3.

It was Luck's rookie year New England hammered the Colts in Foxboro 59-24 followed by a 43-22 loss in the divisional round on this same field last year.

Then, this year in Indy, the Patriots rolled in and put on a show in the dome 42-20 in a game that was never in doubt.

There isn't a single ounce of doubt this meeting ends up exactly the same way.

All those years Peyton Manning brought Indy into New England only to go away with a loss and non cover and for Mr. Luck it's starting out the same way.

The disheartening thing for Indy is in that first meeting this year an unknown running back ran for over 200 yards.

You want to stop the run, Brady will destroy you with the pass.

How soon we forget this is an Indy defense that gave up 6 TD passes to Big Ben and the Steelers, 27 points to the Redskins and even 24 to the Browns.

Yes they are playing better but who have they defended the last lately?  The Jags, Redskins, Browns, Texans, Cowboys, Titans, Bengals and Denver.

Not a single elite, healthy QB on that list except Romo, who lit them up for 42 and Manning, who we now find out was playing on one leg.

This is a bad matchup for the Colts and it's going to end the same way as the other 3.

Until Jim Irsay gets himself a running game and takes some of the pressure off Luck, this Indy team will continue to fall to elite offensive teams.

At a value number less than 7, you can't pass up the Patriots in this spot.  You just can't, not against a team they will be supremely confident against.

Luck will have his moments and the Colts will play well for awhile, but just like the other 3 meetings, a big Luck turnover will lead to a 2 score game and the rout is on.

Until the Colts show me they can hang with the Patriots with Luck as their QB, I will roll the dice with the Pats again and look for a 4th straight win by 21 points or more.

Lay the wood and wait to collect late tonight.


150 DIME

Ohio State (+6) 42-20 over Ohio State

Vegas only missed the line by 4 touchdowns !!!!!

Here is what I told the world about the Buckeyes last Monday night:

You just don't go against this coach as an underdog.  

Excluding his last year at Florida in 2010 which was the year of the health issues that led to him resigning, Urban Meyer has been an underdog 14 times.

He is 14-0 ATS.  I AM TALKING 14-0 ATS.

Just this year alone you saw it 3 times and all 3 times his team delivered.

They rolled into Michigan State +3 1/2 and won outright 49-37 and rolled into the Big Ten Championship game against Wisconsin +4 and won outright 59-0.

Lastly, they rolled into the Nationals Semi's against Alabama +7 1/2 and won outright 42-35.

What was even more impressive about the Crimson Tide win was the fact the Buckeyes shredded the Bama defense for 537 yards total offense including 281 on the ground.

I don't know about you but when you start rushing for close to 300 yards on a Nick Saban defense, you will be able to run on anybody:  Oregon included.

And therein lies key to this entire game:  If Ohio State can impose their will in the run game on Oregon like they did Alabama, they will win the game outright.

For my dollar, I believe they will and it will be Ezekiel Elliot that does the damage going for over 200 yards again.  Mark my words.

I'm tired of hearing about this Oregon offense and how they can score because the Buckeyes are just as explosive.

Since their loss to Virginia Tech at home, they have reeled off 12 wins in a row putting up 50, 52, 56, 31, 55, 49, 31, 42, 42, 59 and 42 points respectively.

This Ohio State team is being overlooked and not being given the respect it deserves but trust me folks, they will get their respect tonight.

As for the favorite, the entire world is infatuated with the Ducks after their amazing win over Florida State in their semi-final win.

The bottom line is FSU should have had 4 losses on the year and should never have been in that game.  It should have been TCU but it is what it is.

And the end of the day the Ducks blowout of the Seminoles created the line value I am getting here and I will gladly take it.  

Oregon lost to Arizona the 5th week at home 31-24 and never lost again winning 9 in a rowSU and ATS putting up 40 or more in every single game so the Ohio State defense will have their hands full.

But and this is a very big but, when your defense shuts out someone in a 59-0 rout of a conference championship game, you had better take notice because Wisconsin was no slouch.

The Badgers had the nations #1 rusher in Melvin Gordon and the nations #3 rush offense and they didn't score a point. Not a single point.

Do I think Ohio State will shut out Oregon?  No I do not but I do believe the Buckeyes defense will do a better job slowing down Oregon than the Ducks will slowing down Ohio State's offense.

As bad as Florida St was with the turnovers, they still went up and down the field on Oregon as the Ducks defense forced only 1 punt the entire game.

At the end of the day they will not be able to stop Ohio State.  Mark my words.

Offensively, this Ducks squad faced only 2 defenses in the top 10 all year and that was Stanford and Michigan State both at home.  The next highest defense was ranked 66th.  

This Buckeyes defense ranks 29th in total yards and they are a beast inside the 20 with that stellar defensive line.  They will force Oregon into some field goals instead of touchdowns.

The Buckeyes faced 7 defenses in the top 20 in total yards including 4 in the top 10 and here is what they did:

They put up 31 points against #2 Penn State on the road, 49 points against #7 Michigan State on the road, 59 points against #9 Wisconsin on a neutral field and  42 points against #10 Michigan on the road. 

The bottom line is the Ducks defense is in trouble against this Ohio State offense.  Simple as that and it wouldn't surprise me if Ohio State put up 50..

As I said at the top, you don't go 14-0 ATS as an underdog as a coach unless you know how to get your team in position to compete and win.

Urban Meyer has proven he is just that good and he will prove it again tonight in a very big way.

Call me crazy but I truly believe Ohio State should be a 7-point favorite in this game and not a 6-point dog and it wouldn't surprise me if they won the game by double digits.

Congratulations to Urban Meyer on this 3rd National Championship as the Buckeyes shock the world and win the game outright.


Tale of the Tape

CURRENT WEEK 1/20 - 1/26


30 Dime Oakland - WINNER

Net for the day: +30 dimes


40 Dime UCF - PUSH

Net for the day: +0 dimes


50 Dime Rutgers - Loss

Net for the day: -55 dimes

20 Dime Manhattan - Loss
Net for the day: -22 dimes

20 Dime Northwestern - WINNER

Net for the day: +20 dimes


20 Dime Quinnipiac - WINNER

Net for the day: +20 dimes


20 Dime Tennessee - WINNER

Net for the day: +20 dimes


19-3-2 For My Career

Pittsburgh (-4 1/2) over Seattle - WINNER

Indy - over Bears - WINNER

Giants (+11) over Giants - WINNER

Arizona (+6 1/2) over Pittsburgh - WINNER

Indy (-4 1/2) over New Orleans - Loss

Pittsburgh (+3 1/2) over Green Bay - Loss

Giants (+2 1/2) over Patriots - WINNER

Ravens (+4 1/2) over San Francisco - WINNER


Broncos (-2') vs. Seattle - Loss

Payment Types

$10 Bettors up $9,920 
since September

TOP DOG # 8 OF 10

Game Has Not Started

Monday 30 Dime Winner
Oakland Over Cleveland St

Buy Now Buy Now $89
All about winning week #3 in a row and 15 of 20.

20 Dime Underdog Shocker

Well, it was an absolute must win Monday for a 2nd straight winning week and Oakland University delivers the outright dog winner 59-56 as a 2-point home dog.

4-2-1 Last Week For +13 Dimes Of Net Profit

If I have said it once I have said it a million times, I don't care if it's a winning week of +1 dime or +100 dimes, a winning week is a winning week.

My clients are collecting from their man for a 2nd straight week and 14 of the last 19.  Nothing wrong than that.

Listen, all weeks can't be +100 dime weeks.  I don't care who you are.  I am all about keeping the winning momentum right here heading into Super bowl week.

10-4-1 My Last 15 Selections good for +288.5 Dimes
The run the last 15 days have been solid but now it's a very important 5 days before the big game on Sunday.

The 150 dime winner on Ohio State 2 weeks ago over Oregon in the National championship game was great as was the  the 150 dime winner on the Patriots a week ago Sunday.

So let's keep the game plan simple:  A 20 dime underdog to start the week and get winning week #3 in a row off to a great start.

Not to beat a dead horse, but how great was New England 45-7 as 150 dime winner #9 in a row.

I told you that if you missed #8 in a row Monday night with Ohio State destroying Oregon, then don't miss #9 in a row Sunday and if you did, you have no one to blame but yourself.

Let's recap:  the first three were last year in the NBA playoffs so it's really the last 5 in football that speak volumes.

It was back on November 8th I handed you Texas at home +3 beating West Virginia outright 33-17.

It was exactly one week later I handed you one even better as Georgia Tech +3 at home beat Clemson outright 28-6.

It was again exactly a week later I handed you one even better than that as Arkansas +3 at home beat Ole Miss outright 30-0.

Then of course Monday night the Buckeyes +6 1/2 destroyed Oregon 42-20.

I am talking 4 straight 150 dime winners and all 4 were dogs of that won outright by 16, 22 , 30 and 22..

And don't forget sandwiched in between the Arkansas win and Ohio State was 150 dime winner #7 in a row with the Arizona Cardinals +1 beating the Chiefs outright 14-10.

And when I finally hand you a favorite, they win by 35 as a 6 1/2 point favorite.

I put this 150 dime streak up against anyone on the planet.  That is how much I love this game tonight.

150 DIME
Max Wager Game Of The Year 
Winner #9 In A Row

Patriots (-6 1/2) 45-7 over Colts

It truly doesn't get much better than that.  It really doesn't .

Now let's make it another huge college hoop underdog winner.

Enjoy your Tuesday folks.

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My ratings system is pretty simple.  I personally play every game I release.  I truly believe it's not fair to my clients if I am not going to war with them too.  I keep it very basic so you will always know where I stand with wins and losses and current bankroll.
In February of 2006 I decided to reign in my ratings, generally going between 5 and 100 dimes to aide clients in money management. I have a responsibility to manage your bankroll. Of course I have no control over when customers become customers, but when I sense an opportunity to go for the jugular, I don't pass it up as long as I remain steadfast to my money management principles and bankroll allocation.


Once again, money management is the key to winning, knowing what percentage of your bankroll to play on each release. But, first and foremost, always remember to never wager more than you can afford to lose. This is the single biggest problem gamblers make, and that's why I hammer this point home year after year because I feel it's my job to educate as well, no different than what a financial advisor would do for you when purchasing stocks or mutual funds.
You have two ways of looking at my ratings. The first is based on the amount of your maximum wager size. The second is based on the amount of your total bankroll.

Maximum Wager Size Rules

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Total Bankroll Size Rules
In this scenario, let's say your total bankroll for a day (the amount you can afford to lose in a worst-case situation) is $500.
On this day, I have a 50 Dime release, a pair of 20 dime plays, and two more 5 dime picks. Add those up and you'll see I have 100 dimes of TOTAL action.
Now, take the $500 bankroll and divide it by 100 dimes. The math shows you each dime is worth $5.
So, a 50 dime play is worth 50 x $5 which equals $250 dollars from your original $500 bankroll.
The two 20 dimes plays are each worth $100 each (remember $5 x 20 dimes).
The 5 Dime plays are each worth $25 (remember $5 x 5 dimes).
Do the math...$250 + $100 + $100 + $25 + $25 = $500.50 (which was your original bankroll)
Total Bankroll Size Rules for Long-Term Players
Obviously, the key here is YOU have to decide what portion of your bankroll you can afford to lose each betting day for the length of your package. Call it "bankroll rationing" if you will.
Maybe you like betting the NFL more than college. Then, in this case, you'd want to allocate more to Sunday's card than Saturday's. 
The bottom line is you want to have action throughout the length of the package, whether it be 7, 30, 60 or 100 days. So, it's up to YOU to decide how much action you want on given days and on particular sports.

Who is Brandon Lang?

Where do I start?  Let's just say Hollywood would not have made a movie based on my life in the sports gambling business if I weren't a winner!


"Two For The Money" is all about me, the very guy who made his clients a fortune last year and will be making you money this year.


Al Pacino plays my boss, Renee Russo plays his wife and Matthew McConaughey plays me.  The film, "Two For The Money", debuted in theaters in October of 2005 and is widely available on DVD.


I was born in Midland, Michigan in 1963. Sports was always my first love and I was a great athlete in high school, lettering in two sports, but my dreams of playing college ball were cut short by a knee injury.


With my playing days over, I decided to see the world by joining the Navy in 1981, getting stationed aboard the Battleship New Jersey, where I eventually became the youngest sailor to ever qualify as a master helmsman in the ship’s history.


After being honorably discharged in 1984, I traveled the world for three more years before ending up in Las Vegas in 1987. It was there I entered the sports handicapping industry, building my reputation by validating my opinion to customers worldwide. The daily highs and lows of competing against the Vegas oddsmakers filled the void left by the end of my basketball career.


In 1989, I joined a nationally-known sports service based on the East Coast and immediately embarked on one of the most historic winning streaks ever witnessed in the handicapping world. After an incredible six-year run, I just had a feeling my life story would make a fascinating movie. But, with that decision came the realization that my dream would only be fulfilled by leaving the business.


Despite sitting atop the handicapping world, I abandoned the industry in 1996, moving to Los Angeles in order to turn my movie aspirations into a reality. I networked my way in as a caddy at the prestigious Riviera Country Club, knowing the job would eventually put me in touch with a director, writer, or producer that could take my dream to the silver screen. After caddying for the likes of President Clinton, Jack Nicholson, and Tom Cruise, along came Dan Gilroy, whom I pitched the movie idea of a lifetime after he made a fifth-foot putt. Six years later, with Matthew McConaughey playing Brandon Lang, "Two For The Money" was born.


A funny thing happened along the way though. I had a movie about my life in production, but something was missing. It was this business. The emotion, the adrenaline rush you get every football weekend with it all coming down to the Monday Night Game. No other feeling in the world can compare to that I get from knowing people are betting hundreds of thousands of dollars on my opinion, and then having me come through in the clutch when nobody else could.


With the movie deal wrapped up, I returned to the business, making my online debut in August of 2004.


This was my home until April of 2010. Then, I made a mistake by abandoning this site. I went elsewhere and sold my plays mainly online but also through a telephone service. I'm man enough to say I made a mistake and at the start of 2011 I returned to my real home - the ONLY place you can get ALL my plays, right here at BrandonLang.com.


No more phone service. No other sites. Just here at BrandonLang.com.


Here at my website, it's just me and you. I'm forced to validate my opinion everyday I release a big play. I win, and you're happy. I lose too often, and you're gone. But, at the end of the day, it's just me and you. No salesmen, no cons, no strings attached.


Understand something right now:  I am not going to win every game, every week or every month.  But, I can put you on the right side of more games that you've ever been on in your gambling life, and by doing that, you will make money.


By the way, if you're curious about whether my record is legitimate, let me assure you it is, and let me explain why: You see I offer long-term packages of 7, 30, 60 and 100 days. Anyone who buys a package gets EVERY play I release, day in, day out. Now, if I lied, even once, how many customers do you think I'd have remaining?


See, that's the beauty of the Internet. I don't need some phony monitoring service to document my wins and losses. Instead, you - my customers - do that for me. You validate my opinion and assure my credibility. And that's why we're a team.


Yes, the movie was intoxicating. I mean, who wouldn't want to have a major motion picture made about their life? And the countless radio and TV interviews, are incredible too. But, no matter how much I tell you about what Hollywood is like, remember that my focus remains on doing what I do best, and that's making people money. 


Listen, they only make movies about winners - and that's me!


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