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Playoff Winner #5 Of 6

200 DIME

Celtics at Pacers - 8:30 pm EST

2 1/2 Times Stronger Than Last Night's 75 Dimer # 6 in a Row
T' Wolves 1st Half (-3') by 12 over Mavericks

2 1/2 Times Stronger Than Thursday's 75 Dimer # 5 in a Row
Pacers/Knicks Over By 11 Points

Here is what I said about the T' Wolves 1st Half on Friday:


The most used word by the Timberwolves after their game one loss was lack of "energy."

After Thursday's film head coach Chris Finch said how disappointed he was with his teams effort.

"It's been a long time since I"ve been this disappointed in your effort.  Your performance, your attitude, your application and attention to detail just wasn't there."

T' Wolves superstar Anthony Edwards went one step further, "Jaden McDaniels was the only one who came ready to play.  I think everybody else let him down."

Now based on all those comments from their head coach and their star, I fully expect this T' Wolves team to come out in the first half and bring the effort and the ENERGY.

Not saying the Dallas Mavs won't show up, yes they will.

However, the hardest thing for a road team to do after winning the game one, is match the desperate home teams energy.  Simple as that.

As we have seen in these playoffs, the Mavs have gotten down big in the first half of games and yes, they have had big comebacks in both.

But that still doesn't take away from their slow starts.

For my dollar, the only play to make in this game is to jump on Minny first half and watch them absolutely bring it.

I just don't see this Minnesota team coming out flat.  Not after their game one performance. Not after what their coach said and certainly not after what their star said.

Give me T' Wolves first half tonight.


75 Dime #5 In A Row 

Pacers/Knicks Over 225 By 11 Points

Here is what I told the world about the 75 Dime UNDER Thursday:

I am counting on them to feel the sting of him missing tonight.

The Pacers and Celtics do battle in game one tonight but a big missing piece in this game one will be that of Boston center Kristaps Porzingis.

Porzingis was injured in game 4 of the Heats first round series against Miami.

The Heat were without Jimmy Butler and really couldn't take advantage.

In their last series against the Cavs, yes they won it 4-1 but failed to cover 3 of the last 4 games.

Now comes the Indiana Pacers.

The Celtics won 3 of the 5 meetings between the two with Porzingis playing in 4 of them.

He didn't play in the 2nd meeting between the two, a 122-111 Pacers win in Indiana, a game in which the Pacers had 7 guys score in double digits.

The Celtics have been off for 6 days since the game 5 win at home over the Cavs, so I do expect them to be a bit rusty.

The Pacers blew out the Knicks Sunday in game seven 130-109 shooting 67% from the floor including 54% from 3.

They didn't look like a tired team, they looked like a team ready to go.

I will call for Boston to be a bit rusty and for the Pacers to stay within the number here in game 1.

This dog barks on bean town tonight. 


Friday - 5/24

75 Dime T' Wolves 1st Half - Winner

Net for the day: +75 dimes

Thursday - 5/23

75 Dime Pacers/Celtics Over - Winner

Net for the day: +75 dimes

Wednesday - 5/22

150 Dime Minnesota - Loss

Net for the day: -165 dimes

Tuesday - 5/21

75 Dime Indiana - Winner

Net for the day: +75 dimes

Monday - 5/20

50 Dime Astros Run Line - Loss

Net for the day: -50 dimes

Sunday - 5/19

75 Dime T' Wolves - Winner

Net for the day:  +75 dimes

Saturday - 5/18

200 Dime Mavs - Loss

Net for the day: -220 dimes

Friday - 5/17

75 Dime Pacers - Winner

Net for the day: +75 dimes

Thursday - 5/16

50 Dime Denver/Minnesota Over - Loss

Net for the day: -55 dimes

Wednesday - 5/15

100 Dime OKC - Loss

Net for the day: -110 dimes

Tuesday - 5/14

75 Dime Pacers/Knicks Under 217 - Winner

Net for the day: +75 dimes

Monday - 5/13

50 Dime OKC/Mavs Under - Winner

Net for the day: +50 dimes

Sunday - 5/12

50 Dime T' Wolves - Loss

Net for the day: -55 dimes

Saturday - 5/11

100 Dime Dallas - Winner

Net for the day: +100 dimes

Friday - 5/10

150 Dime T' Wolves - Loss

Net for the day: -165 dimes

Thursday - 5/9

50 Dime Celtics - Loss

Net for the day: -55 dimes

Wednesday - 5/8

50 Dime Pacers - Loss

Net for the day: -55 dimes

Tuesday - 5/7

100 Dime Dallas - Loss

Net for the day: -110 dimes

Monday - 5/6

50 Dime Timberwolves - Winner

Net for the day: +50 dimes

Sunday - 5/5

75 Dime Magic - Loss

Net for the day: -82.5 dimes

Saturday - 5/4

150 Dime Timberwolves - Winner

Net for the day: +150 dimes

150 Dime Friday - 5/3

150 Dime Magic - Winner

Net for the day: +150 dimes

26 - 6 - 2


Pittsburgh (-4 1/2) over Seattle - Winner

Indianapolis (-7) over Chicago - Winner

NY Giants (+12) over New England - Winner

Arizona (+7) over Pittsburgh - Winner

 Indianapolis (-5) over New Orleans - Loss

Pittsburgh (+3) over Green Bay - Loss

NY Giants (+2 1/2) over New England - Winner

Baltimore (+4 1/2) over San Francisco - Winner

Denver (-2 1/2) over Seattle - Loss

New England (PK) over Seattle - Winner

Denver (+5 1/2) over Carolina - Winner

New England (-3) over Atlanta - Winner

Philadelphia (+4) over New England - Winner

New England (-2 1/2) over Rams - Winner

Kansas City (-1 1/2) over San Fran - Winner

  Chiefs (-3) over Tampa Bay - Loss

  Rams (-4) over Cincinnati - Loss

  Eagles (-1') vs Chiefs - Loss

  Chiefs (+2) over Niners - Winner

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Playoff Winner
#5 Of 6

200 DIME

Celtics at Pacers - 8:30 pm EST

2 1/2 Times Stronger Than
Last Night's 75 Dimer
T' Wolves 1st Half (-3') by 12
over Mavericks

2 1/2 Times Stronger Than
Thursday's 75 Dimer
Pacers/Knicks Over 225
By 11 Points


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