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$1 bettors up
More than 41 Grand the last 32 Months

N.L. Central
Game of the Week

Brewers - Cardinals


$1 bettors have made $170,980 with
his plays rated 1,000♦ or higher since 2006


Monday, Aug. 19

500♦ Rangers-Angels Under - Loser

Sunday, Aug. 18

500♦ Vikings-Saints Over - Winner

Saturday, Aug. 17

200♦ Athletics (+115) - Winner

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$1 bettors up
More than 41 Grand
the last 32 Months

N.L. Central
Game of the Week

Brewers - Cardinals
My $1 players have made $41,527 the past 967 days, after a 2-1 run to close the betting week.

I won my 200♦ underdog play Saturday on the Athletic vs. Houston, then I split my 500♦ plays the last two nights, hitting my 500♦ Preseason Total of the Week on the Vikings-Saints Over on Sunday and losing my 500♦ A.L. West Total of the Month on the Angels-Rangers Under on Monday.

For tonight, I'm looking to open the betting week with a 300♦ Bankroll Builder in the National League Central, as like this near pick'em game between the Milwaukee Brewers and St. Louis Cardinals.

$1 bettors up
More than 41 Grand the last 32 Months

N.L. Central
Game of the Week

Brewers - Cardinals


$1 bettors have made $170,980 with
his plays rated 1,000♦ or higher since 2006

but including my One-and-Only BLANK CHECK MLB Game of the Year
on the Astros Run Line, 7-1, over Cleveland on Aug. 1
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Chris Jordan's Rating System


Everyone should be on the same page for each new campaign and how to approach each season.


You first must understand the Kelly Criterion, sometimes referred to as the Kelly formula; it's a blueprint I like to use to maximize the long-term growth rate of our bankroll, using repeated gambles of the variety of ratings I give out.


That criterion says an aggressive gambler should wager a set percentage of his bankroll, pertaining to the advantage (or rating system in this case) he feels he has over the game itself.


For those of you who play blackjack when visiting casinos, you may do the same thing in determining there is a one percent advantage over the dealer, and wager 1 percent of the total bankroll.


The key thing to remember is determining the percentage your using, and the maximum you'd be willing to risk on the top rating you will find here, which is the 1,000♦ Power Play.

On a daily basis you will find my plays ranging from from 100♦ and 1,000♦, but well within percentages you can effectively spread your wagers. When you do see the rating system on plays upgraded to a higher level, I will always talk about managing the bankroll accordingly.


Remember, a 1,000♦ play does not indicate a specific amount for everyone in general, it means if you're absolute biggest play you're willing to make is a nickel - that is your gauge with this rating system.


You need only divide accordingly from your absolute maximum amount into whatever the rating is, based on 1,000♦ being the highest rating.

Overall, you will find that I like to keep it consistent day-to-day so you know exactly when I'm stepping out on a big play.


Please follow these ratings accordingly.




The occasional 2,000♦, 3,000♦ or BLANK CHECK releases are games I feel are extreme value for the price, or in Kelly Criterion theory - is more of an advantage over the book.


I have always personally played a Blank Check game FIVE TIMES THE SIZE of my regular maximum bet. So, for example, on day I am releasing a Blank Check Winner, one 1,000♦ play and three 200♦ picks, a player with a maximum wager of $500 would wager the following:


Blank Check play - $2,500


1,000♦ Plays - $500


200♦ Plays - $100 each


With the vig, you would have a total of $3,630 in action.


Hope this helps in regards to money management!

Complimentary Pro Football Winner

Oakland Raiders Win Total

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Can you believe it's time for the NFL Hall of Fame game?

We're less than a month from the start of college football, and a little more than a month away from the start of the NFL regular season.

And that means one thing: NFL win totals.

I took a look at several teams this season, as there are some intriguing numbers, and interesting money movement.

The ever-popular Dallas Cowboys have been around 9 wins since the lines came out, and the early money poured in on the Over. The status of Ezekiel Elliot leaves questions looming on the team chemistry, so I wouldn't touch that one. I see the market is buying the Indianapolis Colts, at 10 wins, then you hear Andrew Luck is sitting out this week because of an injury and it just makes you wonder with that guy.

The Cincinnati Bengals have seen their moneyline on 6 wins go from -130 on the over, to -130 on the under -130. It makes plenty of sense with AJ Green missing a couple of games, but sheesh, that doesn't seem like a tough number with that team. I won't touch it, nor will I understand why players are fading the New Orleans Saints at 10 wins, but the sharps have been pounding the under.

The Miami Dolphins have the lowest projected win total at 4', and for good reason - they're that bad with a rookie coach and the worst roster in the league. We're already hearing the word "tanking" before the start of the preseason. And Kansas City at 10' wins was sort of a wait-and-see approach because of Tyreek Hill; now it wouldn't shock me to see the over come through.

But the best value in the league, as far as I can see is playing the Oakland Raider under the posted 6 wins.

I refuse to buy in on the Raiders, a team that will travel a total of 32,023 miles in 2019. They're the only team in the league that will travel more than 30,000 miles. Forget for a moment grumpy Jon Gruden admitte last season he gets claustrophobic in airplanes and who suffers from vertigo after periods of extensive traveling. How about his team, and the wear and tear, and lack of sleep, and multiple time zones...

This is a team that will be road weary at home.

They open the season against AFC West rivals Denver and Kansas City. After playing in Oakland in Week 2 on Sept. 15, the Raiders won’t return home until Week 8. They will go a stretch of seven weeks without playing at their home stadium, as they'll play at Minnesota, at Indianapolis, vs. Chicago in London, after a bye week they'll play at Green Bay and then travel to Houston. Just that six-week span away from Oaktown, the Raiders will travel around 21,300 miles.

And over their first seven games, the Raiders will play four playoff teams from last season. The close the season against much more favorable slate, but by the time Nov. 3 rolls around, they might be 0-7.

HBO picked a good year to film their show Hard Knocks in Oakland, rather than waiting for the Raiders to arrive and film their inaugural year in Las Vegas, because that's exactly what the Silver and Black will experience this season... hard knocks.

Play Oakland's win total UNDER.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦