Premium Picks



1)   Do I need to "join" your site?


No. You can view the free picks, scores, odds, news, injuries, weather and the handicappers pages for free. No registration required. No credit card necessary.


2)   How do I purchase picks?

When you click on "Buy Now" anywhere on the site for your first purchase, you will create a user account and pick out your own User Name and Password that only you have access to.

3)   Can I contact the handicappers directly?

No. The handicappers do not receive mail or send out personal responses to customers.

4)   Am I purchasing the handicapper's "best" picks?

Yes. In fact, you are purchasing their ONLY picks. No one at this site operates a "phone room" or offers a second tier of picks. What you see is what you get and what you get is everything they've got on a particular day.

5)   Do you accept Pay Pal?


Yes, but not for "Pay After You Win" plays.

6)   What methods of payment do you accept?

Visa, Mastercard and American Express

7)   Is my transaction safe?


Yes, you are purchasing from a secure site where all information is securely encrypted and protected.

8)   Do you take Western Union payments?



9)   What time do the handicappers update their pages/selections?

Generally no later than 2:00 P.M. Eastern on weekdays and 9:00 A.M. Eastern on weekends.


10)   If I purchase a 7, 30, 60, or 100 day discount package from a handicapper, do I get all of their plays or do I have to pay more for the "big plays?"

You will receive EVERY play the handicapper releases for the time period you purchased with the exception of the occasional "
Pay After You Win" releases which some handicappers offer. 


Also, when you purchase a multi-day package, you get the plays for consecutive days. You cannot "pause" or "interrupt" the package duration. 

11)   Do the handicappers releases plays on every sport and every game everyday?


No. The key to winning with some consistency is quality, not quantity. Thus the handicappers release plays on games that they feel the best about on a given day.

12)   How does a Pay After You Win play work?


Simply put - if the handicapper wins the play, you are charged the amount listed. If he loses, you are charged zero.

Here's how it works: When you make a Pay After You Win Purchase, your credit card is AUTHORIZED for the cost of the play, but the charge is NOT processed unless the play is a winner.


   If the play wins, the sale is processed.


   If the play loses, the collected AUTHORIZATION is VOIDED.


   Understand this: There is absolutely no charge made to your credit card unless the play is a winner. In advance of the game, all we're doing is making sure you have, for example, $17 of available credit if you purchased Trace Adams' Pay After You Win release.


13)   My online statement shows I was charged for a Pay After You Win Play even though it lost. What gives?


Your online credit card statement is only showing the AUTHORIZATION of the funds for a POTENTIAL charge. It has no way of showing you the information has been purged by our system if the play was a loser.


If you have any doubts, simply call the toll-free customer service 800 number on the back of your card to confirm that a charge was NOT made on a losing selection.

14)   Can I purchase one specific sport from a specific handicapper?

No, you cannot.

15)   Once I purchase plays, how do I get them? Are they emailed to me? Do I get them over the phone?

To retrieve your plays, you simply need to login and click on the
"View Selections" link. We do not email the plays and you cannot get them over the phone.


16)   Do you sell or trade any of my personal information?


No. For complete details of our Privacy and Email Policies, please click on the "Privacy Policy" tab in the left column.

17)   Do the handicappers get a "kickback" of any sort from Sportsbooks or any other advertising entity at this site?


Absolutely Not. We have no relationship any Sportsbook other than the display of their odds through a purchased syndicated feed. 


18)  Can I change my User Name or Password?

You cannot change your User Name, but you can change your Password by clicking on Member Profile.

19)   Why is my IP Address logged?

Credit card fraud is an issue online and this allows us to protect ourselves from customers trying to perpetuate fraud.

20)   Do you know when I log into the site?

Yes. Every time you log in, we record that data, along with your IP Address to prevent customers from trying to commit fraud.

21)   Am I charged
more if a handicapper's pick wins?

Absolutely not. The price you pay at the time of purchase never changes no matter the performance of the handicapper's selection, win or lose.

22)   Are selections guaranteed to win?

Absolutely not. There is no guarantee, direct or indirect, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance of a handicapper's selection. The same goes for a handicapper's short term and long term performance as well.


23)   Are there occasionally guaranteed plays?

Very rarely a specific handicapper will have a "guaranteed" play in which he must win or you will receive some type of free service. The guarantee is fully explained at the time of purchase.

24)   Who is the best handicapper/hottest handicapper?

Check out the home page of the site to view current hot streaks, records, etc. of the various handicappers. You will also find information on their respective pages.

25)   How do I know if the records are real and I'm not being lied to?

Easy. Most of the handicappers at this site sells his plays in long-term packages, anywhere from 7 days to 100 days. If they were to lie just once about their results, they would lose every single long-term customer. You wouldn't put up with someone lying to you, right? Thus the customers of this site are collectively the best monitoring service in the business.

26)   How do I reach Customer Service?

Simply click on "Help" at the top of the page.

27)   Do you have a number to call Customer Service?

No, we are a 100% online business, all customer service is handled via email.

28)   What are Customer Service hours?

We generally operate between 8 AM and 7 PM seven days a week.