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Friday, Jan. 22

800♦ Oakland: Won

Thursday, Jan. 21

500♦ San Francisco: Won

Wednesday, Jan. 20

500♦ Wake Forest: Won

Tuesday, Jan. 19

800♦ Bowling Green: Loss

Monday, Jan. 18

300♦ UNC Greensboro: Won

Sunday, Jan. 17

600♦ Over Bucs-Saints: Loss

Saturday, Jan. 16

400♦ Ravens: Loss

Friday, Jan. 15

1000♦ Rice: Won

Thursday, Jan. 14

400♦ UCLA: Won
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Chris Jordan's Rating System


Everyone should be on the same page for each new campaign and how to approach each season.


You first must understand the Kelly Criterion, sometimes referred to as the Kelly formula; it's a blueprint I like to use to maximize the long-term growth rate of our bankroll, using repeated gambles of the variety of ratings I give out.


That criterion says an aggressive gambler should wager a set percentage of his bankroll, pertaining to the advantage (or rating system in this case) he feels he has over the game itself.


For those of you who play blackjack when visiting casinos, you may do the same thing in determining there is a one percent advantage over the dealer, and wager 1 percent of the total bankroll.


The key thing to remember is determining the percentage your using, and the maximum you'd be willing to risk on the top rating you will find here, which is the 1,000♦ Power Play.

On a daily basis you will find my plays ranging from from 100♦ and 1,000♦, but well within percentages you can effectively spread your wagers. When you do see the rating system on plays upgraded to a higher level, I will always talk about managing the bankroll accordingly.


Remember, a 1,000♦ play does not indicate a specific amount for everyone in general, it means if you're absolute biggest play you're willing to make is a nickel - that is your gauge with this rating system.


You need only divide accordingly from your absolute maximum amount into whatever the rating is, based on 1,000♦ being the highest rating.

Overall, you will find that I like to keep it consistent day-to-day so you know exactly when I'm stepping out on a big play.


Please follow these ratings accordingly.




The occasional 2,000♦, 3,000♦ or BLANK CHECK releases are games I feel are extreme value for the price, or in Kelly Criterion theory - is more of an advantage over the book.


I have always personally played a Blank Check game FIVE TIMES THE SIZE of my regular maximum bet. So, for example, on day I am releasing a Blank Check Winner, one 1,000♦ play and three 200♦ picks, a player with a maximum wager of $500 would wager the following:


Blank Check play - $2,500


1,000♦ Plays - $500


200♦ Plays - $100 each


With the vig, you would have a total of $3,630 in action.


Hope this helps in regards to money management!

Complimentary College Basketball Winner

Pacific at GONZAGA (-26)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

33-14-2 run with Complimentary Basketball plays

My free play for tonight is on the Gonzaga Bulldogs laying the big number to the Pacific Tigers.

Gonzaga is 14-0 thanks to the most lethal offense in the country, one that averages 94.4 points per game.

Four players are averaging at least 12.5 points per game, but what Mark Few can do with his depth is what is impressive. The key to remember with this team is 10 players who average at least 3.3 points per game, are capable of scoring double digits on any given night. He has freshmen who have paced the scoring during different stretches of different games.

That's why the Bulldogs rank first in the nation in field goals per game (33.6), field-goal percentage (61.6%), 2-pointers per game (27.8), 2-point attempts per game (44.4), 2-point field-goal percentage (.626), free throws per game (18.0), free throw attempts per game (23.4) and the previously mentioned points per game.

Pacific has had too inconsistent of a season, opening the season with a win, then a postponement, then two games (a loss and a win), then 10 games that were either canceled or postponed. The Tigers' offense lacks the firepower Gonzaga has, ranking 270th with just 67.2 points per game. They don't share the ball well, ranking 295th with 11.2 assists per game, and their 5.2 3-pointers per game are 326th out of 340 teams.

Gonzaga is going to terrorize the Tigers in Spokane, and I'm laying the points.

Based on 1♦ to 5♦