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25 Dime

Blowout of the Month

- Part 2 -

Puck has not dropped

This one is a 5-2 Winner!


2/25 - 25 Dime - Flyers (PL +110) - Win
2/22 - 50 Dime - Penguins (PL +110) - Loss
2/21 - 50 Dime - Islanders (PL -120) - Win
2/20 - 25 Dime - Capitals (PL +130) - Loss
2/19 - 25 Dime - Blackhawks -125 - Loss
2/18 - 25 Dime - Penguins - Win

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25 Dime

Blowout of the Month - Part 2

Puck has not dropped

MATCHES last night's 25 Dime Winner

Flyers (PL +110) over Sharks - 4-2


Ready to nail a winner on Wednesday's hockey card.

25 Dime

Blowout of the Month

Part 2

Puck has not dropped

It is time for me to get cranking here in the NHL.

This one keeps me moving forward.

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Karl Garrett's Rating System

It's hockey. 

No need for rocket science.

Plays are rated between 10 Dimes and 100 Dimes.

A 50 Dime play is 2x stronger than a 25 Dimer and should have twice the wagered amount based on your bankroll allocation limits.

A 100 Dime play is 2x stronger than a 50 Dimer.

Pretty simple, right?

Who is Karl Garrett?

I doubt many of you remember, but I was first a member of this site from 2006 through 2011. 

What happened? 


I love gambling. I love handicapping. But I HATE baseball with a passion. I just hated the grind of doing a website 365 days a year, handicapping a sport I wasn't passionate about during the summer

Now I know baseball is an easy sport to bet. I know you can make money in it. But it's just not for me.

Understand, I grew up in Calgary. I've spent the past 17 years in Vancouver. Baseball in my neck of the woods is an afterthought. It's kind of like soccer for most Americans.

We live for hockey. Any time. Anywhere. Any time of the year. 

Al DeMarco reached out to me to see if I'd be interested in returning to the site as an NHL-only handicapper. How ironic since I never once released hockey plays here when I was a member all those years ago!

So that's what you're going to get, my NHL plays when I like a game. Not every single day, but when I love a game, I'm releasing it here - exclusively - as this is going to be the only outlet for my hockey action going forward.